The Way You Look Tonight

Emma had secretly been looking forward to Friday night all week. It was Ted’s official foray back into performing for an audience, and she couldn’t have been prouder of him. She knew how nervous he was from watching him choose between a blue suit or a black suit to wear for the evening, but deep down she believed he would put on a wonderful show.

Before she left work for the day, she met up with Ted and told him she would meet up with him at Louie’s, and for him to break a leg.

"I’ll be there cheering you on the entire time, so don’t fret anymore, okay?" She gave him her best smile, and a kiss on the cheek before heading off for home to get ready for the show later that evening.

Now, she sat amongst the audience, sequestered off by the table at the window. It was the same one she chose on the night they reconciled after the trouble with Ted’s alter ego in December. She sipped her martini calmly while she waited for the show to begin, enjoying the atmosphere of the place.

After she ordered her second drink, Ted had made his way to the old piano they had set up for him. Her eyes brightened, and she sat up straighter, giggling internally over his nervous appearance. As the show began, she watched Ted’s fingers gently glide along the numerous keys of the piano, the tunes he played hitting her ears in a satisfying manner.

Music was a wonderful outlet, and she thought it was a perfect way for Ted to express himself. He had such a lovely voice, and the songs he sang touched her heart, which was a benefiting factor to the performance of his voice. Emotionally connecting to songs made him sing better in every way, a talent that she was glad he possessed.

In fact, sometimes she thought he was singing just for her during his performance. A secret-keeping smile crossed her face when he looked her way and winked for her. She winked at him in return, allowing herself to quietly hum along with the familiar tune. It was a song that perfectly described them, she mused while gently tapped her forefinger on the table to the beat of the song.

As the show came to an end, Emma pushed herself to stand up from her table, clapping her hands together in proud applause for her boyfriend, her face beaming happily.


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